Dreaming in Color (1980)

Chosen by Library Journal as one of the best small press books of the year.
“There are often unabashedly beautiful tones of words, rhyme, the works.”
— Robert Creeley
“Perception, honesty, delight — it’s all there. She combines an ear for pure language with sharp intelligence about people.
— Betsy Sholl
“... a tone, created by her eye, her use of an angle of vision in which ‘things tilt,’ direction changes, and she as much as we her readers are led on... this sense of ideas and images are projecting planes... Lepson is very smart... She’s at her finest, hardest in her love poems... an interesting sensibility at work here.”
— Martha King, Contact II
“Intimate scenes. Nuances. Then, in the best poems, a line suddenly turns and veers off. Surprised, we find ourselves in stranger territory than we knew.”
— Rosmarie Waldrop
“In Dreaming in Color by Ruth Lepson, poems are precisely dream colored, softly musical in their penetration of experience, sharply — and with some critical humor — self-aware.”
— Los Angeles Times
“Ruth Lepson is more of an action poet than a realist. She’s far more interested in the act of writing — ‘beating down the barricades of habit and routine’ — than she is in making statements or resolving her dreamlike flashes into a whole.” ... “Her freewheeling technique...its cumulative effect transports us to a unique state of mind somewhere between the desire to write poetry and the end product itself — a game, one recalls, that also occupied T. S. Eliot in his later poems.”
— Publisher's Weekly

Paperback: 72 pages
Publisher: Alice James Books
Published: 1980
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0914086278
Cover Art: Lucy Clark